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Системный администратор - вакансия 1303604

Modirum MDPay

Дата обновления: 28.11.2016

Город: Санкт-Петербург

Отрасль: Программисты, ИТ, телеком

Тип занятости: Не имеет значения

Текст вакансии:

Должностные обязанности:
We're looking for people for our hosted services operation in Tallinn. Your primary tasks will involve much time spent in the unix command line environment, where you'll be helping us maintain impressive uptimes and a spotless security record. 

Требования к квалификации:
Any experience with the concepts listed above is useful and, for the most part, required. There is a catch though: Due to the industry we're in, and the nature of the data handle, you need to have had (legal) access to credit card numbers and/or other sensitive data in a recent job. References to this effect are needed. Otherwise a two-year quarantine period will be imposed before you'll gain production systems access, and this is likely to seriously limit your usefulness to us.

Formal skills
You don't need any university degree to work here (though we won't mind). Experience, personal interest and enthusiasm can make up for a lot.
Technical skills
- You need to have a fundamental understanding of, and interest in, security concepts. This includes system security, procedural controls, physical security, and other aspects. This is at the very core of what we do, and cannot be taught in a few weeks time.
- You need to be fluent and comfortable with unix command lines. Our preferred operating system is FreeBSD, and we make heavy use of jails, so any experience you have with those will be useful. That said, we'll take even skilled Linux people - but you have to be willing to learn something new.
- We use MySQL as our database engine. We supply software to clients who use just about every other database engine under the sun, and then some. Experience with relational databases - preferably MySQL - is a must, experience with any of the other "big 5" a definite plus.
- You will need some network management skills. TCP/IP is spoken by all these days, and you need to be familiar with all the usual concepts including firewalls and NAT, routing, vlans, ports and protocols. Any experience with network security scanning and related topics a major plus.
- Our applications are written in Java. We use Apache-Tomcat as our servlet container. Familiarity with this kind of setup is a big plus. If you can read - or even write - Java code, all the better.

Условия работы и компенсации:
Our offices are attractively located in downtown Tallinn. Being a small company, we value the social aspects of the working environment highly. Come and see us, and you'll know what we mean.

Контактное лицо: Demjanets Jelena

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