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embryologist - резюме 184052

Ksenija Novevski

Дата обновления: 10.09.2019

Город: Москва

Отрасль: Медицина и фармацевтика

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Опыт работы (лет): 14

Образование: Не имеет значения

Текст резюме:


Polgar Andraša 6, Novi Sad, Serbia
+381 63 516 188
• Working, responsible, ambitious, versatile
• Communicative and creative, with expressed analytic spirit
• Capable for individual and team work
• Very good organizer
• Persistent and persevering, open, decisive and reliable
• Capable for good organization of work and time
• Independent and diligent
• Perfectionist


Master Studies : Reproductive biology - embryology
Integrated studies of Faculty of Sciences and Medical faculty, University of Novi Sad enrolled in October 2015 at the department of Reproductive biologist - embryologist.
Master Academic studies - reproductive biology is organized as a one and a half year study, with three semesters. Curriculum is made of 9 obligatory subjects and 5 electoral subjects. Finishes all three semesters, with mandatory laboratory work during the second semester and professional practice during the third semester in June 2017. Last exam passed in July 2017. In April 2018. defended her Final Work on the topic " Therapeutic modalities for preserving fertility in patients with malignant diseases ", under mentoring of prof. dr. Artur Bjelica. All exams foreseen by the Curriculum for this study profile passed with average grade 9.78.
The purpose of connected master academic program - reproductive biology, is forming experts from the field of reproductive biology and their training for work in laboratories for assisted reproduction within a team for biomedicine assisted fertilization, in institutions which conduct research in the field of reproductive and developmental biology, as well as the possibility of continuation of education on appropriate doctor studies.
Acquired title : Reproductive biologist - embryologist

Master studies : Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biology - master professor of Biology
School year 2009/2010. enrolled to graduate academic studies - Master
studies on Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad, study program for Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biology - master - professor of biology with duration of four semesters.
All exams foreseen by the Curriculum for this study profile passed with average grade 9.42. Final work entitled: " Application of programmed teaching in elementary school in realization of teaching units Sponges and Cnidarians " defended in May 2011.
Acquired Title : Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biology - Master professor of biology

Basic studies finished in 2006 and acquired the title Professor of biology
• During studies participated in scientific - research works in the society " Josif Pančić ", within the Faculty of Sciences
• Pledged to preserve the environment, was dedicated to ecology, investigated environmental pollution


After enrolling Master academic studies, department for Reproductive biology - embryology, exceptionally big interest for improvement and expanding knowledge in the field of reproductive biology and in vitro fertilization realizes through the presence at:
• Lectures within the Symposium " Little secrets of big masters of IVF " , held at the Rectorate of the University in Novi Sad, on 15th and 16th december 2016
• Conference "A step to healthy Serbia " organized by the Provincial secretariat for health, social politics and demography on 20.11.2015. Following themes were presented: " In vitro fertilization - yesterday, today, tomorrow " and " Stem cells - real need or caprice "

For mastering and improvement her own skill related to communication and work with students and parents as well as the process of learning itself, she attended the seminars:

" Evaluation in function of learning "
" Substance to the distance "
" IOP - how to make them and apply in practice "
" Children with disturbances in development and recommendations for work with them "
" Innovative methods, new directions current in education and upbringing in the languages of national minorities "
" School rating in elementary and secondary school "
" Self-evaluation in function of development of schools and institutions "
" Practicum in botany "
" Training of employees in secondary schools for the application of general achievement standards for the end of general secondary education and upbringing regarding general education subjects "


From 01.04.2005. to 13.09.2007. she was working in DOO „Yu-ital.com“ , as comercialist: during work, she performed tasks such as employee organisation, record keeping, and administration

Her own working experience in the field of education, she gained during the 12 years, working on the following work places as profesor of biology :

Elementary school " Braća Grulović ", Beška, from 05.10.2007. to 02.02.2008.
Elementary school " Jovan Grčić Milenko ", Beočin, from 04.02.2008. to 24.12.2008
Gymnasium " Svetozar Marković ", Novi Sad, from 17.10.2008 - present
Elementary school " Joseph Atila ", Novi Sad from 15.01.2010. - present

As a professor of biology she performed tasks such as:
 organizing and implementing curriculum for biology
 organizing work with children at different levels of knowledge
 analysis of the best method for summarizing information for children
 effective collaboration with colleagues and parents
 working in school teams as a member and as a team President
 successfully leading the professional council of biologist at school as President
 preparing analyses and reports for every class during school-year
 establishing cooperation with different institutions in order to improve the quality of teaching
 solving problems in an innovative way, looking for new solutions and methods
 preparing students for competitions through individual and group work
 take participations and organization of numerous experimental and distinguished classes
 continuous education, training and refining skills and competences


• Analitical skills
• Communication and interpersonal skills
• Teamworking
• Ability to adapt to new tehnologies and techniques
• Creative thinking and problem-solving skills
• Organizational skills and emotional strength
• Technical skills and attention to detail
• Fexibility and adaptability
• Uses operating systems : Word, Excel, Power Point
• English language


Through the cooperation with Hydrobiological institute in Ohrid, takes part in the international conference in zoology, held in Hisar ( Bulgaria ) 8-10. October 2012. as co-author on the the theme of "Seasonal analyzes in Lake Ohrid pelagial zone water on the basis of microbiological and phisycocehemical parameters" .


Through the work with pupils accomplishes huge success through extracurricular activities and participation in competitions of arranging flowers, quizzes from the field of ecology, and through the competition organized by the Ministry of education. With pupils of elementary and secondary schools, she wins first and second places, on the Municipal, as well as on District competitions, and on the competitions of the Republic level.

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