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Administrative manager - резюме 189250

Kim Vladimir Anatolievich

Дата обновления: 07.08.2020

Город: Москва

Отрасль: Управление персоналом

Зарплата: 150000

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Опыт работы (лет): 19

Образование: Высшее

Текст резюме:

Vladimir Kim C V
Date of birth: 10.10.1973
Place of birth: Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
* 1991 — Radio Technical College №50 Tashkent. Assembler of radio-electronic equipment, 3rd category.
* 1993 — Courses at Yongseo University. Seoul, Republic Korea.
* 1996 — Tashkent State Technical University. Russian-Korean Philological Faculty. Major: Russian language, Korean language + Russian literature.
* 2004 — Design courses (AutoCad software) at High School of Economic. Moscow, Russia
Total work experience - 19 years 2 months
Previous experience in the administration of about 9 years (Daewoo Electronics Inc., Kabul Textiles (Republic Korea), Bowling Service Plus and LG Electronics Inc.).
Knowledge and proficiency in English (INTERMEDIATE level). Used at organizations such as Bowling Service Plus, dental East, and LG electronics. It was necessary for negotiations and correspondence with foreign partners (China, United States, Finland, and Italy).
Knowledge and proficiency in Korean (INTERMEDIATE level). Used at Deawoo Electronics Inc., Kabool Textiles, Yangi Vision, Bowling Service Plus, Boltek, dental East, and LG Electronics Inc. In the above-mentioned companies, it was used in negotiations and correspondence.
Document management in the office (Daewoo Electronics Inc., Kabul textiles, Bowling Service Plus, LG Electronics Inc.).
Material and technical support of the office (Daewoo Electronics Inc., Bowling Service Plus, LG Electronics Inc.).
Worked as a graphic designer using the AUTOCAD program. Designed and planned the construction of bowling centers at the time of work in the company Bowling Service Plus (BSP).
Negotiated the purchase with foreign partners (Bowling Service Plus, Boltek, dental East).
Managing a staff of up to 45 people (Kabool Textiles, Deawoo Electronics).
Actively negotiated the sale with Russian representatives of companies and organizations, working in the companies Bowling Service Plus, NTK-Forclift, TSM, Boltek, MIZ.
I know the mechanism of bowling equipment (Bowling Service Plus, Boltek).
Business communication skills and knowledge of business etiquette;
I know the structure of the bowling center (Bowling Service Plus, Boltek)
Knowledge of the work of the Pro-shop for bowling players (Bowling Service Plus, Boltek).
Installed bowling equipment (Bowling Service Plus, Boltek).
Disassembled the bowling equipment (Bowling Service Plus, Boltek).
I took part in bowling competitions in Russia as an inspector for the certification of bowling lanes for tournaments (Bowling Service Plus, Bowltech).
Skills in filing documents and applications to Roszdravnadzor for new drugs and goods (Dental East – Russian company).
Total work experience to date:19 years 2 months.
LG Electronics Inc. (Republic of Korea) Moscow
Date: 2018 (June)- at the moment
Position - Administrative manager.
*Business trip support-traveler support (출장자 지원 )
- Translator (Korean-Russian yaz) translation Korean-Russian통역 (한-러)
- Support for the company's ATC-Vehicle inquiry (Internal & external vehicles (차량 섭외 (내부 & 외부 차량)
- Hotel reservations for guests and pratners-Hotell booking (호텔 예약)
- Restaurant reservations-Restauran reservation (식당 예약)
- Meeting rooms preparation-Room preparation (회의실 준비)
- Air ticket reservation - Flight ticket reservation "
- Support for foreign specialists-Foreign Employee – (체제관리)
- Work permit for foreign specialists-Permit for working (노동허가서)
- VISA (비자)
- Registration at the place of residence.
"Office support. - Create a working environment (업무환경 조성)
Layout 변경
"Correspondence-Mail Management (우편물관리)
- Reception - Receipt (수취)
- Sending - Dispatch (발송)
Vendor registration for Admin team" "
- Registration - Registration (거주등록)
FSE HOUSING and Car renting
- HQE (High Qualified Employee)
- Reporting quarterly-Report quarterly (분기별 신고)
- Assistance in resolving disputes (분쟁 해결에 도움)
-General support work – (일반 지원업무)
- Translation-Korean-Russian- 통역(러-한)
- Vehicle Support – (차량 지원)
- Application and production of skip entrance (출입증 신청 및 제작 )
- MTS SERVICE monitoring and payments control.
- Business card production (명함 제작)
Office Stuff (구입)
conclusion and renegotiation of contracts with cleaning companies
coordinating the work of service personnel
Approval of company selection with management
Preparation of documents required for the conclusion of the contract.
Contacts with maintenance services.
Timely repair work.
Rapid transmission of information, optimization of routes, monitoring the status and distribution download, (partially performed logistics duties) (Daewoo, BSP, LG)
Document management between partner companies. (payment of invoices, acceptance of acts, reports, powers of attorney, permits)
Conclusion of contracts with partner companies.
Management of the company's vehicle shop.
Control over the provision of administrative and production activities of the company.
Maintaining and controlling registration documents of foreign specialists.
Conducting and preparing meetings and documentation for rental of rental housing for foreign specialists.
Working with biographies when making orders for office staff.
Knowledge of the structure and procedure for issuing visas, registrations and permits for foreign citizens.
Knowledge and procedure for processing documents when accepting and handing over cars to a leasing company.
Negotiating with various suppliers ' contractors.
Correspondence with partners and information component inside the office in English.
Registration of documents in the traffic police when registering an accident.
Works in the AutoCAD program.
The ability of the organization of work of subordinates.
* Recommendation of the head of administration of the branch of the joint-Stock Corporation “LG Electronics Inc. " (Republic of Korea), Moscow. – Mr. Park Jung Chan
* Recommendation of the Director Of the branch of the joint-stock Corporation “LG Electronics Inc. " (Republic of Korea), Moscow-Mr. Min Woong Kee
Dental East (Russia, Moscow)
Date: May 2017-May 2018
Position: Manager
Negotiations with suppliers (Japan, China, Korea)
Preparation the documents for registration of state Russian Federation ( Roszdravnadzor).
Participation in creation of product range catalogs.
Sales of dental products and accessories for dental technic equipment.
Tracking and preparing order delivery for each sales department (Logistic works).
• Commercial director: Yakovets Sergei Ivanovich
• Registration manager: Chelombitko Gennady Ivanovich +7(916)6598345

Dental East (Moscow, Russia)
Period: June 2017-May 2018
Position: Manager
Duties –
*Preparing and registration documents for legally use new products and new equipment on Russian territory.
*Translation (Korean / English)
*Participation on business meeting.
*Participation on Exhibition
Moscow Engineering Center (Russia, Moscow)
Date: June 2017-May 2018
*Assistance and consulting in the selection of building materials for the of structure the road construction.
Technology Center of Moscow TCM (Russia, Moscow)
Date: Oct.2012-Jan.2015
Information and assistance in the selection of warehouse forklift machines for work in warehouse of the customers.
NTK Forklift (Russia, Moscow)
Date: Sept.2010-Aug.2012
Position: manager for
*Assistance in selecting special equipment,
* Preparation of commercial offers and contracts.
* Conclusion of contracts with the customer
* Conclusion of service
* Control of pre-production preparation of machines.
* Control over the logistics of delivered goods.
BOWLTECH (Russia, Moscow)
Date-Aug. 2008-Aug. 2010
Position: Sales manager; Duties:
* sale of spare parts for bowling equipment.
* purchase of spare parts for bowling equipment.
* sale of bowling accessories.
* purchase of bowling accessories.
* Technical support for bowling equipment.
* Search for clients.

Bowling Service Plus (BSP Russia,Moscow)
Date-May 203-July 2008
* Negotiating with partners and clients for the supply of equipment, spare parts and accessories for bowling (Republic of Korea, China, Finland, USA, Great Britain, Italy).
* Search for suppliers of specialized equipment among foreign partners.
* Conclusion of contracts with partners and clients.
*Working with documentation, maintaining databases, preparing invoices.
* International logistics.
* Designing bowling lanes with AutoCAD program.
* Coordination of the project implementation process.
* Coordination of customer service procedures.
*Maintenance service post-warranty maintenance of the bowling clubs in Russia and in the CIS countries.
* Organization and participation in Moscow exhibitions.
* Assistance in passing the product certification, translation of documentation, negotiations with the supplier to obtain the missing documents.
* Creating an order for suppliers.
*Resolution of disputes before a court decision (regarding the quality of equipment, the nature of execution, configuration)
* Conducting settlements with suppliers, reconciliation of financial balances, informing the supplier of payments made, and monitoring debts to the supplier.
Partner companies:
Embassy services (Grate Britain), System-300 (Finland); Vision Bowlling (Rep.Korea);Steltronic (Italy);Sabim(Italy); Ace Mitchell (USA); AMF Bowling ( USA);Brunswick (USA); Sports and Goods ( Rep.China);
KABOOL Textiles (Republic of Korea).
Date April 1999-April 2000
Position: administrative manager
* Participation in negotiations as a pre-event.
*Control of production tasks performance by departments of motor transport, Department of supply, Department of welfare and the supply of raw materials for proizvodstvennyi.
* Operational planning of production processes.
* Organization and control of performance indicators for volume and quality of products.
* Monitoring compliance with technological processes, identifying the causes of their violation.
* Ensuring interaction and communication of enterprises.
* Interaction with partners, contractors and clients.
Deawoo Electronics (Republic of Korea).
Date: April 1997-April 1999.
Position: Administrative manager
* Organizing and conducting negotiations with partners.
* Conclusion of contracts with contractors.
* Document management.
* Coordination of production activities.
*International logistics.
* Organization and holding of conferences and exhibitions.
* Interaction with contractors and contractors.
* Conclusion of contracts for the supply of components for the Assembly of electrical appliances.
* Organization of corporate events.
* Recommendation of the head of administration of the branch of the joint-Stock Corporation
“LG Electronics Inc. " (Republic of Korea), Moscow. – Mr. Park Jung Chan
+7(985)7604822. E-mal:Joshua.park@lge.com
* Recommendation of the Director Of the branch of the joint-stock Corporation
“LG Electronics Inc. " (Republic of Korea), Moscow-Mr. Min Woong Kee
e-mail: wk.min@lge.com +7(495) 665 95 00
*Kia Motors Russia & CIS Headquarters General affairs Associated manager Park Andrew
*Bowling Service Plus LLC Russia, Moscow –Chief accountant Savchenko Svetlana.
+7(926) 210 23 58.
*Dental East LLC Russia,Moscow – Technical service manager Ryabov Dmitry.
+7(977) 281 08 89.
*Bowltech LLC, Russia,Moscow, – general director Мedvinsky Vladislav.
+ 7(905) 509 77 88.
*ТCM LLC,Russia, Мoscow – commercial director Bogomazov Sergei.
+7(903) 267 81 97.

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