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CEO/Executive Director/General Manager/Consultant - резюме 190889

Светлана Ушенина

Дата обновления: 22.04.2021

Город: Москва

Отрасль: Топ-менеджмент, руководители

Тип занятости: Не имеет значения

Опыт работы (лет): 25

Образование: Высшее

Текст резюме:

Accomplished and growth-focussed executive with extensive experience in strategy, management, sales, marketing and business development. Proven track record of excellence in identifying and securing business opportunities, improving degree of organisation of processes, opening new directions and new lines of business, and acquiring additional sources of income for company. Adept at conducting training programmes for staff and managing cross-functional teams to achieveshared visions and goals.
Solid history of success in developing and executing strategic development and finance plans, achieving all set KPIs and goals, and enhancing business profile and commercial growth. Skilled in new products creation and promotion, channel development and market penetration, strategic marketing initiatives execution, and stakeholder engagement.

Areas of Expertise:
• Brand Management
• Sales (B2C, B2B, B2G)
• Business Development
• Project Management
• Marketing Communication (Ads, PR)
• Campaign Planning & Execution
• International Affairs
• Marketing Management
• Channel Development
• Medicine
• Team Building & Leadership
• Personnel Management
• Marketing Research
• Government relations

Professional Experience

UCB Pharma – Moscow, Russia
CEO (2014 to by now)

Selected Contributions:
• Ensured the company's profitability level in Russia at 115% in 2018 and 118% in 2019 from the planned targets;
• Optimized total P&L of the Russian division from 2018 to 2019 by reallocating resources between Rx and OTC and between products within categories, resulting in 340 million rubles;
• The ratio of Rx and OTC products of the hospital and tender segments in the company's sales structure was formed based on the marketing promotion strategy from 2017 to 2018, which increased the profitability of the Russian division by 8%;
• Created and implemented a new business model with commercial and bonus policy in working with distributors and pharmacy chains in 2019, which optimized P&L commercial function (-1 FTE), P&L Market Access (-1 FTE) and finance (-0.5 FTE) and reduced antitrust risks;
• Created and implemented a new bonus policy for distributor operations in 2019, which optimized P&L Market
Access (-1 FTE) and finance (-0.5 FTE);
• Registered a new product for patients with epilepsy in 2018 with inclusion in the Vital medicines list starting in
2019, which yielded 30 million rubles;
• Preserved the level of registered prices in Russia for all the Company's product included in the Vital medicines list, including all forms of Cimzia and Vimpat in 2015, which allowed to maintain the level of profitability for each
product, avoid technical decline in sales and gave a total of 600 million rubles over five years;
• The company was included in the work of the Russian-Belgian intergovernmental commission on the formation of a favorable business environment from 2018 to 2019, which improved the image of the company's Russian division;
• Launched the project of Rx product localization for life cycle extension in 2016, which increased the market share from 75% to 82%, which ensured the sales of the product at the level of 1 billion rubles;
• Formed regional Market Access team in 2016, which allowed to exceed tender sales targets by up to 30% per year;
• Exceeded sales plan for distributors by 10% at 100 million euros in 2017 by redesigning commercial programs and streamlining the bonus payment process;
• Increased registered prices for Nootropil by 2.6% and for Vasaprostan by 3.4% from 2016 to 2017;
• The Company joined working groups of the State Duma Health Care Committee and the FAS Expert Council in 2016, which made it possible to carry out law-making activities with the promotion of ideas of interest to the Company and to communicate the Company's position;
• Implemented the initiative of in-depth understanding of the existing healthcare system in 2014, which allowed to start the process of training for employees of Market Access, commercial team, finance, Legal, Compliance.

1992 to 2014
Positions from deputy department head to director of business development
City Pharmacy #19, Medtech, AstraZeneca UK LIMITED, Janssen-Cilag, Janssen Pharmaceuticals - Johnson & Johnson Corporation, Bristol-Myers Squibb – Moscow, Russia

Education and Credentials
Financial management (manager)
Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation

I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy
Pharmacy (pharmacist)

Russian: Native
English: Fluent

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