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Engineer - резюме 169781

Nikolai Bobovnikov

Дата обновления: 08.03.2018

Город: Курск

Отрасль: Управление персоналом

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Опыт работы (лет): 14

Образование: Высшее

Текст резюме:

Бобовников Николай Юрьевич
Bobovnikov Nikolai
Man. 37 years old. I was born 20 of June 1980
Kursk. I am ready for business-tripe.
+7 4712 9081287269 (89081287269) — my phone
+7 4712 9081287269 (89081287269)

Professional Experience is 14 years.

November 2010 - until now
7 years
Kursk www.tecnosnab.com

Engineer of Electrical Control & Instrumentation

Negotiating with engineers, scientists, suppliers, clients in English. I work with electric, pneumatic, hydraulic equipment. I make service maintenance the dosing unit. Iwork with lethal substance Velcorin. I work with flowmeters, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, level sensors, flow sensors. I prepared the operating manuals for flowmeters for obtaining a certificate of approval of the type of measuring instruments. I work with orders for equipment, maintenance and repair of continuous dosing equipment Velcorin. I am planning maintenance and repair of equipment. I make orders the necessary spare parts for the equipment. I have successful technical work at a distance of several thousand kilometers from the equipment developers and without their support.

September 2010 – November 2010
3 month
Kursk railway technical school
Kursk, kursktgt.narod.ru/1_home/page.htm
Teacher of special disciplines
I taught next disciplines “Electric stations"and "Contact network".

March 2005 — June 2010
5 year 4 месяца
Pretrial detention facility
Senior Power Engineer
I was responsible for the electric economy, thermal economy. I made operation of electrical installations, the conclusion of contracts for the purchase and sale of equipment, a contract for the performance of electrical work, government contracts for the purchase of equipment, construction works. I have 5 tolerance group up to and above 1000V. I made modernization of the existing heat supply system, introduction of automation, organization of works on current maintenance and repair of heating and water supply networks, installation and operation of electrical installations of power equipment, operation of a diesel generator set (an autonomous power supply). I have a successful experience in organizing work on the introduction of automatic systems in "very conservative" institutions. I have experience in the repair, maintenance of an automatic control system on the basis of various control and measuring devices for the control of the technological process for the production of bakery products. I have experience in organizing and constructing heat supply pipelines, a central heat point. I freely read electric circuit and wiring diagrams.

September 2003 — September 2004
1 year
Kursk State Agricultural Academy named after Professor I.I. Ivanova
I make installation and operation of electrical installations, electrical work.

Key skills
Instrumentation. Power engineering. Automation of technological processes. Negotiation. Personnel Management. Sales management. Sales development.
About me
The December 2017. The theoretical and scientific journal «Bulletin of Agrarian Science» (№6(69)) published my scientific article «THE CONCENTRATION COEFFICIENT OF SOLAR RADIATION AND METHODS OF MEASURING IT IN SOLAR POWER PLANTS WITH CONCENTRATORS»

I am learning in the external form the program of training highly qualified personnel.

The April 2017. I spoke at the XIV International scientific conference XIV international conference "Renewable and small energy-2017. Energy efficiency. Autonomous power supply systems for mobile and stationary objects " with the report" Classification of radiation concentrators for FEP ".

The scientific supervisor of my thesis work, active member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Semenovich Strebkov.

The May 2016. I prepared the report "Methodology of ordering on the effectiveness of silicon solar power plants" at the international scientific and technical conference "Inform - 2016".

The May 2016. The theoretical and scientific journal «Innovation in Agriculture» No. 5 (20) published my scientific article "Solar power plants with concentrators for large-scale solar energy."

The Mart 2016. I got the patent №2015153240/20 “Solar power plant» of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks.

The December 2015. The theoretical and scientific journal «Innovation in Agriculture» No. 12 published my scientific articles “PROMISING DIRECTIONS FOR COST REDUCTION OF SOLAR POWER PLANTS» and “SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES WITH AXISYMMETRIC CONCENTRATORS».

I rapid development of new computer programs. I do an analysis of the situation and organization of works on the introduction of automatic systems in "very conservative" institutions. I easily understand the maintenance of automatic control systems on the basis of various control and measuring devices for controlling technological processes. I do organization and construction of large facilities. I freely read electric circuit and wiring diagrams. I do conducting negotiations with the state bodies and company managers. I have an analytical mindset, ability to predict, work capacity, perseverance, diligence, responsibility, sociability.

Higher education
Federal Scientific Agricultural Engineering Center VIM

Department of Renewable Energy Sources, Electrical and Thermal Engineering

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Southwest State University"
juridical / Jurisprudence, diploma with honors

Kursk State Agricultural Academy named after Professor II Ivanov
engineering / electrification and automation of agriculture, diploma with honors
Knowledge of languages
Russian - native
English - fluent
German - basic knowledge
Advanced training courses

Business English
Self-study, Business parlance

Study of maintenance and repair of continuous dosing equipment Velkorina (Giessen).
Bilfinger EMS GmbH

English language learning
Center of Foreign Languages "Class", Elementary Level A2

Study of maintenance and repair of continuous dosing equipment Velkorina (Giessen).
Bilfinger EMS GmbH

Studying instruments for monitoring and control of technological processes (Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Munich);

"Design and construction of buildings and structures of 1 and 2 levels of responsibility
Kursk State Polytechnic University, certificate

"Procurement management for state and municipal needs"
Bryansk State Polytechnic University, certificate

Tests, exams

Candidate examination in English. Excellent.
Candidate examination in philosophy. Good.
Federal Scientific Agricultural Engineering Center VIM

Electrical installations up to and above 1000 volts
Educational-methodical engineering and technical center, group 5 on electro-safety

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